Standardized Testing Hearing in Philadelphia
Wednesday, November 19th, 3pm, City Hall Room 400

Video of testimony at the Standardized Testing hearings

Links to written testimony and transcripts of voice testimony for the hearings before the Education Committee of Philadelphia's City Council on Wednesday, November 19th(Click the name to read the testimony.)
Philadelphia Parent and Teacher Testimony

Tamara Anderson, Philadelphia parent and teacher

Tiffany Bhavnani, Philadelphia teacher

Meredith Broussard, Philadelphia school parent, Temple professor, author of "Why Poor Schools Can't Win at Standardized Testing" - Atlantic Monthly - July 15, 2014

Ashley Jimenez, Philadelphia school parent

Daun Kauffman, Philadelphia teacher

Alison McDowell, Philadelphia school parent

Beth Menasion, Philadelphia school parent and teacher

Richard Migliore, Philadelphia teacher, lawyer

Amy Roat, Philadelphia school teacher

Robin Roberts, Philadelphia school parent, leader of Parents United

Elliot Seif, education researcher, author, professor

Pennsylvania Testimony

Senator Andrew Dinniman, Pennsylvania State Senator

Daniel Hornberger, teacher, producer ofStandardized: Lies, Money & Civil Rights: How Testing Is Ruining Public Education
Joshua Kershebaum, Esq., public school parent, lawyer
Mark B. Miller, Vice President, Centennial School District; Director, Network for Public Education; Co-Chair Keystone Education Coalition; Vice President, Pennsylvania School Boards Association.
Dr. James Scanlon, Superintendent of Schools, West Chester Area School District

Yinzercation, Southeast Pennsylvania's grassroots education justice movement.

National Testimony

Fair Test: The Need to Dramatically Scale Back Standardized Testing and Eliminate High-Stakes Uses

Stefanie Fuhr, teacher and parent from Littleton, CO

Sara Hake, PACT with TACT, Education Advocacy Group in Fulton County, GA
Conversation with a Child
Fulton County School Board Testimony,

Dr. Denisha Jones, Professor Howard University

Geralyn McLaughlin, Defending the Early Years

DYE Position Statement on Standards and Testing for Young Children
Joint Statement of Early Childhood Health and Education Professionals on the Common Core Standards Initiative

Zack Mezera, Executive Director, Providence (Rhode Island) Student Union

Augustin Morales, President, Holyoke Teachers Association

Dr. Mark B. Naison, Professor Fordham University, Bronx African American History Project
Andrea Rediske, Florida parent

Dr. Ricardo Rosa, Parent, Professor University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Ceresta Smith, Florida teacher

Dr. Jocelyn Weeda, Ohio PHD in Education Leadership

Dr. Yohuru Williams, Professor Fairfield University and Melissa Tomlinson Assistant Manager BATS (Badass Teachers Association)

Questions for the school district relating to high-stakes standardized testing in Philadelphia