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The APPS Press Release for the First Amendment Settlement against the School Reform Commission and Philadelphia City Officials

Three former Philadelphia teachers have agreed to a settlement in their civil rights lawsuit against the School Reform Commission, former SRC Chair Bill Green, the City of Philadelphia and other parties for violating their constitutional rights during a February SRC meeting.

Opt Out in Pennsylvania
Would you like to opt your child out of PSSA's?
Complete this simple form and give it to your child's principal to start the process.Feel free to share with other parents.
View a map of planned Opt Outs in PA.

Do you plan to opt out? Complete this form and add your child's school to the map!

Testimony of APPS members at July 1, 2015 School Reform Commission meeting

Karel Kilimnik on TRAN--Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes

Barbara Dowdall on Lack of School Libraries in Philadelphia--Mississippi?

Testimony of APPS members at the June 30, 2015 School Reform Commission Meeting

Karel Kilimnik on SRC Transparency and Budget

Carol Heinsdorf on PA School Health Code

Kristen Luebbert on Outsourcing School Nurses

Testimony of APPS member at the June 18, 2015 School Reform Commission Meeting

Carol Heinsdorf on Student and Family Privacy in Student Health Concerns

Testimony of APPs members at the May 21, 2015 School Reform Commission Meeting

Barbara Dowdall on Waiting Lists: Not Just for Charters!

Lisa Haver on School District Priorities, giving public school to private operator without community meetings,
Resolution A-­‐22 Contracts for Blended Learning, June SPP

Testimony of APPs members at the April 16, 2015 School Reform Commission Meeting

Barbara Dowdall on Choosing Music and Certified Teacher Librarians

Diane Payne on Public Engagement

Karel Kilimnik on SRC Procedures

Alison McDowell on Opt-Out

Testimony of APPS members at the March 26, 2015 School Reform Commission Meeting

Barbara McDowell Dowdall on New Funding Used to Restore Resources

Diane Payne on Turn-Around Schools and High Stakes Testing

Karel Kilimnik on SDP Fiscal Accountability and Adherence to the Sunshine Act

Lisa Haver on SRC Resolutions, Public Discussion, and Resulting Votes

Testimony of APPS members at the March 19, 2015 School Reform Commission meeting
Diane Payne on Action Plan 3.0

Karel Kilimnik on the Sunshine Act

Lisa Haver on the Sunshine Act, Vision 3.0, and SRC Resolutions

Lawsuit: SRC violated former teachers’ rights
Philadelphia Daily News - March 11, 2015
Three APPS supporters file suit against Bill Green and the SRC for violation of their free speech rights at the February 18th SRC meeting.

The Complaint filed on March 10, 2015

Is PSP's offer a disguised bribe? Daily News - February 11, 2015
APPS member Lisa Haver explains why the PSP's offer of $35 million to the SRC for more charters is a bribe.

More than a score - Examiner - February 5, 2015
APPS member Tamara Anderson on the spread of Opting Out to all communities.

Sign the Petition
Support Philadelphia Parents' Right to Opt Out

What Feltonville taught Philly about Opt Out
APPS member Tamara Anderson in the Examiner - January 27, 2015

APPS Statement of Support for Feltonville Arts and Science Families and Educators
The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools Supports the Families and Teachers of Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences

Parents of 17% of the students at Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences in Philadelphia are opting their children out of standardized tests.

Middle school students poised to quit standardized tests in droves
Daniel Denvir at Philadelphia City Paper - January 21, 2015

Council members back anti-standardized testing revolt
Daniel Denvir at Philadelphia City Paper - January 22nd, 2015

Councilwoman Quiñones-Sánchez & Others Express Support for Families ‘Opting Out’ of Standardized Testing in Feltonville

Office of Maria Quiñones Sánchez - January 22, 2014

The Rick Smith Show interviews
a. Philadelphia City Paper's Daniel Denvir about his Feltonville opting out article
b. Amy Roat of the Caucus of Working Educators about Opting Out

The APPS 2014 Overview

**Video of the November 19th, 2014 Philadelphia City Council testimony of students, parents, teachers, and state and national opponents of standardized testing**.

The 2015 PSSAs are a new, rigorous set of tests aligned to the PA Core Standards and designed with the expectation that fewer students will score "proficient." These lowered scores can then be used against the students, teachers, and administrators in all of Pennsylvania's schools. The time has come for parents to use the power they have and opt their children out of the PSSAs. It is an easy process, and this form includes a simple template you can use to start the opt out process. If you have questions or need support email

Parent Opt Out Statement and Principal Form

PA Opt Out Spring Contact Form

Short on Nurses, District considers how to plug health service holes
APPS member and nurse Eileen Difranco on the SRC's attempts to privatize public school health services.
Philadelphia Public School Notebook - January 6, 2015

Letters: City education shown the Gates
A letter from APPS member Lisa Haver published in the Philadelphia Inquirer December 22, 2014.

SRC Testimony 12/18/14
SRC testimony of APPS member Carol Heinsdorf to the December 18, 12014 SRC meeting concerning student and family privacy upon pending adoption of Resolution A-29, a $1.6 million grant from Philadelphia School Partnership to use the interactive website of Hobsons K-12, Inc./Naviance.

When to stay and when to leave? School nurses make the call
APPS member Eileen DiFranco's December 18th article in Philadelphia Public School Notebook on nursing in Philadelphia public schools under an austerity budget.

Mark Gleason Turns 'Dump the Losers' Into a Pseudoscience
APPS member Ken Derstine's December 16, 2014 post on his blog.

Philadelphia City Council Unanimously Calls on theSchool Reform Commission to Examine Its Use of Standardized Testing
The attached resolution was unanimously adopted by Philadelphia's City Council on Thursday, December 11th.
The resolution on the Philadelphia City Council website.

Testimony of APPS member Alison McDowell in support of the resolution.

Testimony of APPS member Lisa Haver in support of the resolution.

If you are concerned about the overuse and misuse of standardized testing at the local and national level, please contact the SRC to tell them you support the resolution.

Thanks to council members Quinones-Sanchez, Squilla, and Blackwell for introducing it this week. If you are a parent or guardian of a student in grades 3-8 in Philadelphia, please know your rights to refuse standardized testing for your child.

Information about opt out / test refusal can be found here:

For more information and support email Alison McDowell at

The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools files suit against the School Reform Commission for violation of the Sunshine Act.
The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools has filed suit in Pennsylvania Common pleas Court against the School Reform Commission, charging the SRC with violating the state's Sunshine Act on October 6th, 2014 when the SRC voted in haste with no public discussion to revoke the contract of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.
The full text of the complaint: Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools vs. School Reform Commission

The press release to the media explaining the law suit. - November 17th, 2014

The APPS letter to SRC Chairman Green regarding the Writ of Summons in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas - November 5, 2014

Suit: SRC "rubber-stamp" vote to cancel teachers' deal illegal | Philadelphia Daily News - November 21, 2014

SRC Violated Pa. Sunshine Act, court complaint allegesThe Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools has filed suit about the SRC's action in voiding the teachers' contract last month. | Philadelphia Public School Notebook - November 20, 2014

Advocates file complaint against SRC for Sunshine Act violation | Al Día - November 20th, 2014

Advocacy group seeks to challenge School Reform Commission vote | Philadelphia Daily News - November 6, 2014

Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools to Sue Bill Green, SRC Over Teacher Contracts | Philadelphia Magazine - November 5, 2014

Education advocates poised to take Philly SRC to court over lack of transparency | Philadelphia Newsworks - November 5, 2014

Audio of the October 6th SRC Meeting canceling the contract of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

The SRC meeting was reported on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC on October 11th. Daniel Denvir was interviewed and Lisa Haver protesting can be seen in a video clip.
Bombshell dropped on Philadelphia teachers

Transcripts and Audio of APPS Members testimony to the School Reform Commission - November 20th, 2014(in order of appearance)
Philadelphia School Partnership grants for Preschool Programs

Karel Kilimnik
Audio of Karel's testimony

Federal Contract with Free Library for School Library Services

Deborah Grill
Audio of Debbie's Testimony

SRC Transparency and the APPS Sunshine Law suit

Lisa Haver
Audio of Lisa's testimony

Testing Accountability

Diane Payne
Audio of Diane's Testimony

(Wherein SRC Chairman Green responds that standardized tests
are the only way for an "objective measure"
of student and teacher performance.)

Standardized Testing City Council Hearing in Philadelphia
Wednesday, November 19th
**Video of the testimony of students, parents, teachers, and state and national opponents of standardized testing**.

All transcripts of oral and written testimony for the hearing.

With Philly's opt-out movement growing, Council holds hearing on standardized tests | Philadelphia Newsworks

Critics slam cost, impact of standardized tests | Philadelphia Daily News

City Council Hearing Looks Into Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing | CBS Philly

This is the resolution introduced by two City Councilmen.

The Opt Out flyer for the hearings.

Basic Funding Education Commission hearings

APPS member Carol Heinsdorf's written testimony submitted to the Commission

Confessions of a Single Parent (Actress) |Tamara Anderson testimony to the Basic Education Funding Commission

The Budget Commission comes to Philadelphia | APPS member Tamara Anderson @ Examiner

APPS Radio Ad
On October 27th, The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools released ads which aired for one week on KYW Newradio and WURD-AM. This is our effort to inform the public of the pro-Corbett agenda of the Philadelphia Schools Partnership.

Click here for the press release for the ad.
Click here to listen to the ad.

School plan another misguided turnaround scheme
Lisa Haver | Philadelphia Daily News - August 19th, 2014

Bill Green's Education Agenda: Hidden in Plain Sight
Ken Derstine | Defend Public Education! - August 19th, 2014

On June 26th, 2014 the State Supreme Court declined to rule on the SRC's right to impose work rules! APPS filed an Amicus Curiae brief in support of the PFT's response to the SRC petitioning the State Supreme Court to impose working conditions on District employees. We won this battle! The first link is to the State Supreme Court ruling; the second to the APPS Amicus Curiae brief. Our brief is well worth a read to understand the issues (even if you just read the introduction).

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denial of Judgement to the School Reform Commission

The APPS Amicus Curiae brief**